Dear Sub Roseans
When we closed our doors back in March, We really thought it was all over for our club.
Yet amidst all this madness, a few of our ducks have fallen into formation.
As a result, Sub Rosa will be officially reopening on July 10 with an epic first birthday bash.
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Yes, Brisbane’s first Virtual Club – and Micro Club – will return to almost normal service for 100 people at a time, perhaps not bigger but better than ever.
We have not been idle while the doors have been closed, and we hope you will appreciate the changes we’ve made, all designed to bring you the best possible experience.
Because it was all of you who inspired us with your kind words, gestures, donations and support to do whatever it took to keep Sub Rosa alive.
So if you want to put a ring on it, so to speak, sign up. Numbers are limited to 100 for now because we never want to turn anyone away.
Members will get preference at our birthday weekend Renaissance event so don’t miss out and sign up in the link below!
◾️ Membership:
◾️ Sub Rosa 1st Birthday:
Start getting excited, people.

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